Floor Flatness Testing


  • New or Old Floors
  • Elevated Floors
  • On-Grade Floors
  • Super Flat Narrow Aisles
  • Machine Foundations
Projects are requiring super flat floors more often than ever before.

Alpha-Omega Geotech, Inc. provides this service in addition to our Geotechnical Engineering, concrete and construction materials testing and monitoring services.


  • “F” Numbers & Profile Graphs
  • Waviness Index & Wave Height Graphs
  • Deviation from a 10-foot Straight Edge
  • Superflat Wheel Track Analysis
  • Multiple Concurrent Profile Plots


Many floor slab specifications in the United States now include the F-number system to identify surface tolerances. Another common system in use is the Waviness Index method.

The F-number system was developed in 1980 specifically to overcome the technical and legal problems encountered with interpretation of the old straightedge type tolerances. This system comprises two numbers: FF to measure flatness (waviness) and FL to measure levelness (deviation from a horizontal plane).

The Waviness index was developed to compensate for limitations which were believed to be involved with the F-number system for superflat floors being designed for forklift traffic.

Alpha-Omega Geotech, Inc. can test your floor for either F-number or Waviness Index specification conformance. Results can be reported for each survey line, section, day's pour, or for an entire floor.

The next time your project requires a superflat floor or flatness testing, give us a call to help you avoid costly and time consuming disputes later.


A few of the advantages of the FloorPro® automatic floor flatness testing machine that we use include:

  • Laser Beam Headlight
  • 6” Measurements for accuracy
  • Self-Propelled
  • Fast! 35 Feet Per Minute

Measurement of floor flatness is not the only FAST part of Alpha-Omega Geotech's service, so are the Results! The FloorPro® flatness can be downloaded immediately following the testing. Any desired analysis can be performed on this data including F-numbers, Waviness Indices and profile graphs. Providing final results quickly allows adjustments to be made in finishing methods for subsequent pours on the same project.

It is recommended that slabs be tested as soon as possible after placement and final set, usually 6 to 24 hours, but not more than 72 hours. Tests should be conducted before any forms, including edge forms, have been removed.

Our floor flatness testing services conform to the guidelines set forth in ASTM E1155-87 Test Methods for Determining Floor Flatness Using the F-number System, and ASTM E1486-94, Test Methods for Determining Floor Flatness Using Wave Indices.

FloorPro® is a trademark of Ytterberg Scientific, Inc. ASTM is a trademark of the American Society for Testing and Materials and does not indicate product endorsement.

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